Spartan Race Netherlands is looking for influencers!

Does not a day go by without you sharing your experiences on social media? Are you crazy about shooting photos and filming, discovering new things and finding nothing better than communicating endlessly with your followers and inspiring them? Then you might be the perfect influencer and Spartan Race Netherlands is looking for you!

On the 27th of October you can start in our exclusive Sprint Influencer Heat at Spartan Race Eiland van Maurik. Together with other influencers you run an obstacle run of 5+ kilometers with more than 20 obstacles. The race will take place on the Eiland van Maurik and you get to know all the elements. Don’t underetimate the course although it’s flat!

You will run the Influencer Heat with your fellow influencers. And how nice would it be to do that together with your followers? You will recieve a personal promo code which will give your followers a 10% discount on the then current ticket price. Only with this code they can sign up to also start in the Influencer Heat. And the beauty of this promo campaign: you will get a kickback fee of 10% on every sold ticket for Spartan Race Maastricht when your code has been used. This way you create your own meet & greet in a unique setting and you really get to know followers and all other influencers by working together, having a hard but good time and overcoming all obstacles in the race. Afterwards you can brag about your performance with your well-deserved medal, while recovering at the festival area.

What do we offer?

– free ticket for the Influencer Heat
– a personal promo code that you can use on your social media channels. With this code, your followers receive a 10% discount on the current ticket price. For every sold ticket with your code used, you receive a kickback fee of 10% of the sales price
– as an influencer you receive a unique Spartan Influencer T-shirt
– at the finish you receive your well deserved finisher medal and shirt
– a look behind the scenes of Spartan Race
– a crazy experience!

Who are we looking for?

Are you an influencer and active on your own website, youtube channel, instagram, facebook, etc? Then you can sign up for our Influencer Heat via the form below. We have a limited number of spots available for influencers. With more registrations than available places, we will have to choose between the different applicants.

What do we ask in return?

An active coverage of this challenge on your social media channel(s). Think of how to promote Spartan Race Eiland van Maurik, prepare for the race and, of course, your raceday. You will also receive a personal promotion code, which will allow you to receive a kickback fee if someone signs up with your code for Spartan Race Eiland van Maurik (Sprint, Super, Beast) on the 27th of October. If you are selected, you will receive a script with all the further information you need.

Do we see you in our Sprint Influencer Heat on October 27th?